South African Internet and mobile status

An interesting blog from the New Media Marketing conference gives a status update on where SA stands in relation to its Internet and mobile adoption.

For fixed line we are still behind the times (thanks to Telkom) but seem to doing OK on the mobile side.


Telkom frustrates new business in SA

I have now had personal and second-hand experience that Telkom (SA’s currently sole fixed line telco) hampers and frustrates new business in SA.

During November I have been very busy get things organised for our new company, including applying for phone lines. First, it took Telkom 12 days to find a phone number for us. Then they said that our phone line would go in a week later than I was first told – which actually means for the first week in our new offices we have no phone. The final kicker was when I asked about our ADSL line, the answer ‘Oh, that will take 8 weeks.’

I was flabbergasted! No Internet connection for 2 months – if we were lucky. So I cancelled our ADSL application and went to a wireless Internet provider, iBurst. It costs a bit more per month but we will be set up in 5 days.

I heard that another business that is also moving into the same office block has also been frustrated by Telkom’s appalling customer service.

By the way, when I was in the Telkom office fuming, the branch manager was sitting not 5 feet away, and when I voiced my displeasure his comment was ‘I know, our ADSL service is terrible.’

The crazy thing about this is that Telkom is heavily promoting its ADSL service!