Why I have really joined the smartphone crowd

iphone4A few years ago I wrote about my experience of changing to a Nokia (now Microsoft) Windows Phone. I was a fan of the Nokia hardware design, and was working at an ERP software company that had a partnership with Microsoft, and I didn’t want to be like the crowd (i.e. iPhone or Android), so it seemed a reasonable decision to go the Windows Phone route. I also referred to reports about smartphone market share that I thought were biased – see here.

The truth is that now I have joined the crowd, the iPhone crowd. Continue reading


Reality for iPhone fans

Care of a BBC story about the Windows Phone 7 launch, there is a chart showing the relative market shares of mobile phone categories.

While Apple’s market share has increased significantly in the last 2 years, Symbian is still the biggest by a large margin. Apple has gone from only a few percentage points to about 15%. The really interesting item is that Android as come from nothing to 15-20%.

What is it about the iPhone?

There seem to be so many stories at the moment about Apple’s iPhone. The latest news is about Apple trying to stop people from hacking the phone so it can be open to all networks. From the SA perspective, I can’t understand why a cellphone maker would want to restrict its phone to just one network provider.

We don’t have a good representation by Apple in SA – the company still hasn’t opened an iTunes service for South Africans even though the iPod is hugely popular here. If and when the iPhone comes here, or anywhere in Africa, Apple will have to establish a new service provider relationship as the ones it knows elsewhere don’t operate here.

I wonder if, like the Blackberry, the iPhone will be a damp squib in SA.