Smartphone apps change the daily commute

For years the commuting trip to work was a gamble I took every morning.

The route I take is never covered by the radio traffic reports, so I was never sure what the traffic would be like, and how long it would take to get to work. There were mornings when I had to get to a meeting but the traffic was far worse than I expected and I was late, even though I left home early.

Now thanks to an app on my smartphone, and the data the app uses, I have a better idea of traffic conditions. Not only that, I can review different routes to see which might be better.

HereDriveCommuteI’m referring to the Here Drive+ app on my Nokia Windows Phone. The My Commute function on Here Drive+ allows me to view different routes I have used to get to work. It shows how long each route will take and indicates where the traffic flow is bad.

I had to initiate My Commute and let it run during my first commute in order to store my particular routes, but after that the routes are saved. Like Google Maps, it will also calculate a best route.

According to one article, the Here traffic algorithm works by aggregating data from various sources into the cloud, and giving almost real-time reporting. In most cases that is sufficient for me, however I look forward to a real-time traffic alert because traffic jams seem to happen very quickly.

Reading about the company, which is part of Nokia, it seems to be part of the new wave of connected in-car apps that will re-design the driver interface.


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