Personal view: Consider being an organ donor

This is just a personal plea – have you publicly stated, and do you family know, that when you die you want your organs donated to help others?

Why wife was recently part of the medical team that supported the 19th World Transplant Games in Durban. When she came back she had so many stories of people whose lives were radically changed because someone else died and allowed their organs to be used.

A touching part of the games was a ceremony held, with representatives of major religions, to commemorate and pay tribute to those who had died and donated their organs.

My wife also met a woman whose teenage daughter had died and had allowed her organs to be donated to other people who needed them. The woman said it helped to make her daughter’s life mean something – that through her, someone else could live.

This month in South Africa is organ donor month and the Organ Donor Foundation is looking to sign up donors – here at

Why not do something about donating your organs now? You could save a life.


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