The job I do now wasn’t invented when I left school

The title for this post comes from a conversation with a colleague about our jobs in the ERP industry. He started as an accountant, I as a meteorologist’s assistant – that was over 30 years ago.

As someone with children in their early twenties, it can be tough letting them make work-related decisions without imposing my own views and perceptions. The problem is that m wife and I have learnt not to be too prescriptive in our discussions with the children. A recent LinkedIn blog post warned your people about “Putting Guardrails on Your Future“:

“We’re encouraged in high school to pick a practical major in college that will lead to a solid career with a good paycheck, even though many of the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today. We’re urged in college to schedule each of our days down to the very last minute to be sure we graduate on time. And now as you get ready to graduate, I’m sure you’ve heard advice in recent weeks to have a plan for your career….

what you end up finding in your career, and in your life, often comes in those change encounters, those wrong turns … that you never thought would interest you”

That’s what happened to me. My plan was to be an academic, but that first job introduced me to my first programming experience. And after a few other steps, I eventually landed a job supporting software packages and then being one of two support people for the first IBM PCs at my university. In those days, software product marketing wasn’t even a recognised role.

Why not share your stories about how you got into your current job.


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