The new Personal Information Centre

It used to be that we kept the important information we needed in a diary or notebook; then it became the turn of the PC and laptop to be our information store. Now it is becoming the smart phone.

I mentioned before about my initial experiences of changing to a Nokia Lumia running the Windows Phone operating system. It has been a several months since my change-over and I have been adding and experimenting with several apps available from the Windows Phone Marketplace. I have even started using the Xbox game app.

You probably have to be over thirty to remember what a cell phone was like originally, and how revolutionary it was at the time. However, when the functionality of mobile phones went from being just for phoning and texting, and added camera and then music playing, the mobile phone stopped being ‘a phone’.

Nowadays people’s lives almost revolve around their phones – just look what people do when they find their phone is lost or misplaced.

The modern smartphone has, in effect, become the new Personal Information Centre (PIC). Consider what you can now do.

  • For reading there are e-book reader apps like Amazon’s Kindle or Freda, as well as audio book apps like Audible.
  • The storage space on modern phones allows several hours of music to be stored which can be played on a Windows Phone with an app like Xbox Music.
  • Many people rely on their phones as a GPS-enabled map reader.
  • With productivity apps like Office OneNote or Evernote, you can make notes on your phone.
  • Most people’s diaries are on their phone, and if you are like me, you supplement that with a do-list app like Remember The Milk.

So when do you think we will stop calling them phones, and start calling them PICs?


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