end of a project management methodology?

I saw an article that claimed that the PRINCE2 project management methodology and qualification is becoming out of date due to the growth of collaboration. This is contentious and reads like the claims that have been made over the years that ERP is dead. The proponents of the ‘PRINCE2 is dead’ seems to be the same ones that believe that ‘agile project management’ is the only way to run projects.

I wonder what the project management uber-bloggers Glenn Alleman and Josh Nankivel would think of the article?


4 thoughts on “end of a project management methodology?

  1. Don’t know about Josh, but I suspect he’d have the same comment. It’s nonsense. If there were no role called project manager and the processes of project management, who would ask and answer the following:

    1. Do we know what done looks like?
    2. How are we going to get to done?
    3. Do we have all we need to reach done as planned?
    4. What is going to prevent us from reaching done?
    5. How do we actually know we are making progress toward done?

    This are important question, but they are critically important when you are spending other peoples money.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate you re-iterating your 5 PM principles here. I do wonder if people who make statements like that have much experience with project management beyond watching ‘The Apprentice’.

    • probably not, for a simple reason and a narrow, biased, possibly seen as a elitist reason – they don’t work actual project or programs. If you work actual programs as Josh and I and 10;s of 1,000’s of other project and program managers do, you know from direct hands on experience that answering those 5 IMMUTABLE principle questions is how we survive every single week, year over year as project or program managers.

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