Favourable view of South Africa – BBC World Service Poll

The BCC World Service, an international multimedia broadcaster, has published its 2011 country rating poll, in which South Africa’s rating has shown a significant increase.

According to the report’s section on South Africa:

Forty-two per cent of people globally have positive views. This represents a seven-point increase since 2010, and is the second highest improvement in positive views among all countries rated, after Brazil. Negative views remained steady at 27 per cent.

…  Views are getting warmer in North America, with significant improvements observed in South Africa’s positive influence ratings in Canada (45%, up 9 points) and the US (50%, up 13 points). 

A South African web site gives more details, including a comment by Catherine Grant, head of economic policy at the South African Institute of International Affairs that it:

“reaffirms South Africa’s standing as being an essential emerging-market player which could no longer be overlooked”.

Grant further stated the fact that the outcomes will give South Africa a lift in advance of its very first meeting as a new member of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa) bloc to be held in China in April.

More detailed information on the report can be found on the BBC site and at www.worldpublicopinion.org.


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