From the old – Can VARs go vertical?

More from my previous blog site that I am repeating – this blog from February 2006.

This blog entry is prompted by a meeting I had today which involved a representative from a European software company that provides add-on solutions to one of the big international ERP vendors. He seemed perplexed why we are focusing on a deal which we don’t have deep vertical experience in – to the extent that he basically suggested we pull out and give the deal to someone else. I think he got my response pretty clearly.

The question is, can VARs (value added resellers) in smaller economies afford to get focused on specific verticals sectors, which is what our vendor principals would like. My answer is No, we don’t have a market size to support that approach.


One thought on “From the old – Can VARs go vertical?

  1. I think in th eother way around. Companies should have some type of specialization, if not vertical may be by company size,or others. Only after success in a specific target, you will success in a wider market.
    In mature markets, customers look for specialization. And I’m not in a very big market, I tell you.

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