Mobile phone O/S market share

For those people who think the mobile phone world is primarily iPhones and Blackberries, there is an article about mobile phone operating system (O/S) market share, based on web usage, which had this graph.

As I have said before, patterns and trends from North America do not necessarily translate elsewhere, and US patterns are not necessarily a useful predictor of worldwide directions.

The big future markets of Africa, Asia and South America are very much dominated by Nokia’s Symbian O/S. Does this mean we could end up with a divided market – developed countries on Apple and RIM, developing world on Nokia? And if you are a mobile applications developer, which mobile O/S do you focus your development efforts on?


One thought on “Mobile phone O/S market share

  1. Hi Simon

    Greetings! All the best for 2011; now we can really put the world cup behind us…

    My comment on the OS graphs relates to demographics – the majority of users in Africa, being impoverished, are stuck with Nokia handsets because they are affordable. However, the trend is for Blackberry to become available on the lower cost mobile packages, so who knows? In two years time there will be a flood of second-hand Blackberrys available to the pay-as-you-go users.

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