new Gartner mid-market ERP magic quadrant

At the end of December 2010, Gartner published the updated version of the “Magic Quadrant for ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies“, aka the mid-market ERP vendors.

Interesting for me is how Gartner has positioned the ERP mega-vendors – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft – compared to the other vendors.


One thought on “new Gartner mid-market ERP magic quadrant

  1. You say ‘interesting’, I think ‘too easy’. This is the way to ensure business for Gartner, as this ‘leader companies’ have large money to spend in Marketing, and the way to say, in case of faliure: ‘hey guy, are you sure the system is bad? everybody has the same solution than you and it works’ So, the fault will be of the customer or the implementor, never the vendor.
    It is not good for the market health this hughe polarization, a lot of times due to political or economic positions, most of time due to subjective opinions and demonstrating a lack of innovation and a total lack of risk in the analysis. Furthermore, and I know you will agree, it is very USA vision. Unfortunatelly it is a tool used a lot of times to take decissions in ERP purchase processes, so it determines very much the behaviour of the market (both purchasers and vendors)

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