From the old – It’s not the software

This is the first of some blogs I will be repeating from my previous site – this blog from January 2006.

Anyone who has implemented business management software – whether ERP, CRM, BI etc – knows that the success of the application doesn’t depend on the software, but the way it is introduced and adopted in the organisation deploying it.

I know of two companies that deployed the same ERP system from JD Edwards, on the same hardware, at the same time, but one became a reference site within 2-3 years whilst the other was still struggling and complaining about the system.

A new article from MIT’s Sloan Management Review (subscription required), has the following comments:

“New tools must first be integrated into a system that’s already in place. It is important to remember that tools are embedded both within the organizations that deploy them and within the tasks the tools themselves are dedicated to performing. Moreover, each organization’s approach to how people, processes and tools are integrated is unique — a result of formal and informal routines, culture and habits. All too often, companies spend millions of dollars on tools that fail to deliver on their promise, and the culprit is typically not the technology itself but the use of the technology.”

… as my kids would say, ‘Duh’!


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