My top posts

I checked the stats form WordPress, and these are my top posts of all time:

  1. the site home page
  2. Revisiting the Gartner Tier 2 ERP Magic Quadrant  (over 1,900 hits)
  3. Outlook users are also Google Calendar users (over 500 hits)
  4. Google Reader vs. Outlook RSS feeds (over 500 hits)
  5. Something I get – Mxit
  6. MS Office as new ERP GUI
  7. Project Server 2010 defines its market segment
  8. About
  9. PMO means too many things
  10. Can ERP implementations be fixed-price?
  11. Gartner’s prediction accuracy
  12. Google Wave vs. SharePoint
  13. Is Microsoft like ‘old’ IBM?
  14. What future for legacy ERP apps?
  15. Where SaaS ERP will fail
  16. Does SaaS ERP exist?
  17. Project success or failure: Johannesburg City Council
  18. Is any ERP reseller happy with their vendor?
  19. Why are ERP consultants needed?
  20. More on ERP maintenance costs

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