Your 2011 ERP predictions

Eric Kimberling of Panorama published their top 10 ERP predictions for 2011.

  1. Risk management and mitigation.
  2. Increasing focus on organizational change management.
  3. Increasing need for ERP business cases, ROI analysis, and benefits realization. 
  4. ERP lawsuits and canceled ERP projects.
  5. ERP vendors will get their “mojo” back. 
  6. ERP vendor consolidation.
  7. Heavy adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) models at small and mid-size businesses (SMBs).
  8. Continued buzz around cloud computing. 
  9. A good year for CRM software.
  10. More focus on diagnostics, analytics, and business intelligence.

But predictions can be subjective, so I would be interested to know how you would rank them.


2 thoughts on “Your 2011 ERP predictions

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