First thoughts on RockMelt

RockMelt is the new browser geared towards the social world. It is available in early beta by going to their web site and registering via your Facebook ID.

I installed it a couple of days ago but only started using it extensively yesterday. And I am hooked.

The left edge of the browser, called the Friend edge, lists your Facebook friends and they can be selected to a more manageable list as Favourites.

The right edge, the App edge, is the place where news feeds can be selected. I started off with just Facebook and Twitter, but as I’ve got used to using it I have added more – LinkedIn updates, and RSS feeds for local sites Daily Maverick and TechCentral. By clicking on the news feed I can see the latest status updates from my friends on Facebook, the timeline from Twitter, or stories from the news sites.

At the top left hand corner is the status update icon. Clicking on this allows you to update your Facebook or Twitter status. RockMelt introduced a new version the other day which now allows you to make those same updates from the applications on the App Edge.

RockMelt is based on Chromium, the open source project responsible for Google’s Chrome browser. So if you have used Chrome, as I have for a while, understanding RockMelt was easy.

It took me a little while to appreciate the user interface that RockMelt offers. After that I moved just about all my browser apps to RockMelt.

What I’m looking for now is how to make my RockMelt experience even better. Any ideas and tips greatfully accepted.


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