Kinect: the next business user interface?

I am not a gamer so the technology in that area is not something I follow, but I’ve been seeing lots of comments about Microsoft’s Kinect appliance so I looked it up on the Microsoft website. What astounded me was the user experience the Kinect provides, both physical and vocal.

In the past, computer technology came into the business world first, then was adapted into the personal world. With the Kinect though, I reckon the process will be reversed, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that the Kinect introduces will move into the business world.

Let’s face it, the UI of business computing hasn’t changed much since the 1980s with the advent of the graphical user interface (e.g., Windows). In the ERP implementations I’ve seen over the years, it’s learning and adjusting to the UI that the average user can often find difficult. But if they had a UI that just required voice commands, or hand gestures and movements, wouldn’t that make using the system easier?

A story out yesterday announces that open source interfaces for the Kinect have been given approval by Microsoft, who probably recognise the potential the device has.

I’m sitting here frustrated that I might have come across a possible ‘big thing’ in business software but don’t have the technical expertise to execute on it.


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