Outlook users are also Google Calendar users

I saw the news a little late, but Google at last provided synchronisation between Outlook 2010 and Google Calendar – about 6 months after Outlook 2010 came out. On the announcement I noticed that Google called it “our top feature request”, which indicates to me that a lot of people who use Outlook for calendaring also use Google Calendar – I am one of them.

It intrigues me that so many people use both services that it was such a big issue for Google, and I wonder why people use both? My reason is so that friends and colleagues outside my work can see my calendar for social and other activities, as well as a backup. Google reckons it is because people want to access to their calendars from devices other than just an office PCs. In my case I sync my calendar with the calendar on my cellphone, and I can still access my Outlook calendar on my laptop when I am away from the office, so Google’s reason doesn’t apply to me.

So if you are one of the (apparently) many Outlook and Google Calendar users, why do you use both?


7 thoughts on “Outlook users are also Google Calendar users

  1. It does for me: I have an Android smartphone (HTC Tattoo). I have the phone’s calendar app synchronized with a Google calendar, which itself is synchronized with my Outlook (2007) agenda on my office laptop.
    So all 3 calendars/agenda are acutally just one and my Outlook agenda on my laptop is my main “working” agenda/calendar.
    I could also synchronize the phone’s calendar app directly with Outlook, but in that case I would have to physically connect everytime my phone to my laptop via the USB cable.
    I share my Google calendar (but which is atually my Outlook agenda) with my wife.
    My Outlook agenda is only shared with colleagues.
    The only issue I have found so far is that when I create a new event from my phone (an Outlook event), I cannot mark it as private and therefore it appears visible to my colleagues. I can only mark it as private in Outlook.

  2. My issue is that once my outlook calendar sync’s with google calendar (2 different email addresses, one for Outlook, one for Google), if I want to update anything on my outlook calendar, it has changed my email address to my google email address and it doesn’t give me the option to send updated/changed meetings to the invitees. This is a big issue for me. I need the ability to add to my google calendar (i.e. I’m at the doctor’s office and I need to schedule a follow up visit, I add it to google calendar to sync to Outlook), but I also need the ability to go into outlook and move appointments around and still send the invitees the changes. How do I get around this?

    Also, it changes my outlook email address with my google email address, which I don’t want to happen either. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Julie – I sync only from Outlook to Google so haven’t had your experience – a challenging problem and one which I don’t have an answer to, unfortunately. One idea – would sending a meeting invite from your Google calendar to your Outlook one work?

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  6. If syncing Outlook to a secondary Google calendar is important to you, Google Calendar Sync (GSC, v0.9.4.0) is NOT for you. This has been a known issue/topic on the Google forums for nearly two years and shows no sign of being resolved.

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