The power of social media brought home

I know there are many stories and case studies of the power of social media to get spread a message. But it always reinforces the point when it happens to you.

Stuart Lynn, R&D director at one of SYSPRO’s competitors, recently cited a personal experience – How can your business use twitter? – in which a blog he wrote about innovation got more coverage than he could have imagined as a result of Twitter:

… even though I only have a few hundred followers myself, within the first hour, my original tweet had an audience of over 30,000 people. Within a couple of days my blog had gone around the world …

I recently had my own ‘wow moment’, maybe not as big as Stuart’s, but significant nonetheless. Here is how it went.

1. We had a press release from a UK reseller:

K3 Business Technology acquires DigiMIS
K3 has an existing relationship with DigiMIS which provides hosting services to a number of K3 customers who deploy SYSPRO ERP and Microsoft Dynamics.

2. SYSPRO only recently set up its own Twitter ID (sysprosales) which had very few followers, but the news was tweeted:

K3 acquires DigiMIS – full-service hosting solution available for SYSPRO

3. I picked it up and retweeted it.

4. I too only have a few hundred followers but star analyst, Ray Wang, saw it and tweeted:


Now consider that Ray’s audience is over 6,000!

5. When we checked the followers for @sysprosales, we could see see how that one message had given a good push start for our company Twitter profile.


What we now realise is that we have to sustain that momentum, and bring SYSPRO even more into the social sphere.

There are case studies of big social media successes – you don’t hear of the small ones. The one we had was a small one, but there must be many more like that which do not make the news. Have you had one which you can share?

Finally, with all the positive stories, it amazes me that there is such a small presence by Oracle in the social networking space, compared to similar-sized organisations – SAP, Microsoft, IBM etc. I can only think that it reflects an incredible need for control in that company.


One thought on “The power of social media brought home

  1. The observation about technology companies which are on the cutting edge not having a large presence in the social media sphere like Twitter is interesting.
    It was reported recently in b2bonline that “executives” prefer to have edited material vs. generally published content. Twitter with so much “chatter” is not expected to be found in the board room.

    Your article prompted a few thoughts to consider. Thank you.


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