SYSPRO announcements

SYSPRO recently made some performance improvements and new release announcements for Service Pack 3.

I suspect that developers controlled the news release, because they were not clued up enough to consider announcing these while SAP’s SAPPHIRE was on – ie, do some ambush marketing.

SP3 enhancements

Toolbars, menus and forms – lots of easy customisation given more functionality and made even easier
SYSPRO Workflow Services – a platform based on the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, will include:

in-process workflow host engine,
a designer,
workflow controls,
code editor,
persistence and tracking of workflow processes,
rules engine,
notification services,
will also be web-service enabled.

Inventory optimisation enhancements
More warehouse management functionality, including automated control and orchestration of warehouse tasks
Manufacturing unit of measure
Real-time General Ledger
SYSPRO executive dashboards
using Xcelsius 2008 (so paying SAP/Business Objects)
Quality Management System – will enable product quality control by allowing the configuration of multiple measurement metrics as well as inspection points per inventory item
Actual cost tracking – required by companies that use materials which have large cost fluctuations over a period of time

Performance testing

SYSPRO’s performance testing was done using HP’s LoadRunner. This puts SYSPRO up with the majors in terms of large-scale deployment capability.

Hardware specs
Dell Power Edge R900
– 4x Intel 6 Core processors (2.6GHz) = 24 Processors
– 64GB RAM
– Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition x64
– SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition x64
– 1Gbps network connection

What was tested
Total Number of Users: 510
– 125 Users: Sales Order Entry
– 60 Users: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
– 325 Users: Inventory movements

Test results (transactions per hour)
Sales Orders:               1133 (average of 39 lines per order)
Inventory movements: 4387
Invoices (AP, AR):         1593


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