Organisations need to be project-prepared before they adopt PPM technology

Brian Sommer commented on reports that organisations should really start looking at project portfolio management (PPM) – PPM & IT Management – is now finally the time?

Many organisations have some rudimentary project management capability – such as an enterprise licence for Microsoft Project – but have no idea how to really benefit from a project-oriented to their business.

The work that I have been doing at my company in the last 2 years has shown me that simply implementing a technology solution is most unlikely to make an organisation project-prepared. The problem is that the project software vendors like to promote their software as the first step. Working with consultants like the X-Pert Group have shown me that to become project-oriented, an organisation has to go through a cultural change, starting at the executive level, and has to be prepared for a long learning curve and a number of struggles on the way.

So while I would love more people to come to us for project technology, I would recommend that they put their houses in order first.


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