Not this time, Heartlines

Dear Garth, Brian, Caroline and the rest of the Heartlines group: when you broadcast the films of the ‘8 weeks – 8 values – one national conversation’ program in 2006 on SABC TV, I was truly touched and inspired. I considered it excellent TV broadcasting. So when I heard this year about the new 6-part series Hopeville, I was really looking forward to watching the programs.

Unfortunately, having now seen the first 2 programs, I will not be watching the series anymore. Even though I have been watching it with a group from friends from church, and we have been following the workbook, I found the story so unremittingly bleak, and rather slow, that I can’t bear to watch it anymore – it’s just too depressing for me.

I’m not sure what my disappointment about the Hopeville series says about me, but I hope that the people who do watch it will find it valuable. (I’m sure my friends will keep me up-to-date).


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