Which manufacturing ERP?

If your company was looking for an ERP to help manage a manufacturing operation, which ERP vendors would you turn to for a solution? It seems that most large companies would include SAP on their selection list because SAP is the biggest. But biggest is not necessarily the best.

Recently we were called by one of our client’s competitors to discuss some possible custom development for their ERP system. Our client uses SYSPRO, the competitor (which is large) uses SAP. I had an opportunity to get some information on how the competitor was using SAP in their manufacturing environment. This company must be spending millions a year on SAP maintenance fees while not getting anywhere near the benefit that our client gets from SYSPRO.

I was talking with knowledgeable colleagues what reasons a business would choose SAP rather than SYSPRO:

  1. If you are in a couple of industry verticals, like financial services, in which SAP specialises.
  2. If you are in certain process manufacturing sectors, such as aluminium production, you might also be able to justify selecting SAP.
  3. If you are a global company needing to run separate local financial operations, and consolidate to regional and global operations, SAP’s financials are strong.

Apart from these three reasons, and if you are in manufacuting, there is absolutely no reason why SYSPRO shouldn’t be one of your short-listed ERP vendors. It amazes me therefore, in the current economic climate, that so many companies are still using SAP for their ERP and spending so much on SAP maintenance, rather than migrating to a more useful and cost-effective ERP solution.


One thought on “Which manufacturing ERP?

  1. SAP does have some serious advantages for the biggest companies. I like your list. I worked at a global company using SAP and the number of support specialists for SAP was staggering.

    There are, however, many other Tier 1 and Tier 2 software solutions. These can support large and small companies of all types. Make sure you do your homework and know what your business needs are before selecting a vendor.

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