Google Reader vs. Outlook RSS feeds

I am trying to find a RSS reader/aggregator that works for me. I have been comparing Google Reader and the RSS Feed in Microsoft Outlook 2007 to track the blog that I follow. An article I read recently compared a number of RSS Readers, including Google Reader, but didn’t mention Outlook – Which RSS Reader Is Right for You? 

What I like about Outlook is that it holds all my incoming information in one place, if I’m offline I can still read the blog entries, and I can keep a history of blog entries. But I can’t easily share or personally note interesting blog entries without going online. When I started using the Outlook RSS feed, it seemed that, being in South Africa with our limited and costly broadband, having an on-premise app (Outlook on my laptop) for my RSS feeds was a good solution. But with the number of blogs I follow, Outlook can get slow at times, especially when starting up.

Initially I liked Google Reader but had trouble with it needing to be online, so I went over to Outlook full-time. Then I discovered Google Gears – in my terms, Gears is a database that provides offline capability for Google Reader. I prefer the user interface for Google Reader to that of Outlook, and I like ability to share and ‘star’ (note) blogs without having to tag them on my site.

The final decision hasn’t been made yet, and there have been times in the past when I thought I had found the ideal RSS reader for me, so I might still change my mind, but I am leaning towards Google Reader these days.


7 thoughts on “Google Reader vs. Outlook RSS feeds

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    • Interesting question but I don’t have good answer. With the recent announcement from Google and G-Reader will integrate with G-Plus, I’m not sure an Outlook integration is on the cards

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