Rise of EPM applications

Thanks to Twitter, I have started to follow the blog by Forrester Research’s Ray Wang. He seems to have coined a term project-based solutions (which we might start to use to segment our software), and tracks software companies in that segment.

So I am surprised, and pleased, to see a number of start-ups in the project space. They seem to be more in the IT and workforce project management space – eProject (now Daptiv), Tenrox, Augeo, QuickArrow, and OpenAir (NetSuite); interestingly, SaaS offerings are quite common.

Until now, EPM (enterprise project management) has been almost an underground software offering. Noise about it started with the acquisition of Primavera by Oracle earlier this year. But the other major vendors that I am aware of – Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Servers, CA’s Clarity – seem to follow a ‘stealth marketing’ approach to their products.

With the rise of the project start-ups, I wonder if the majors are going to sit up and take more notice of this segment of the software market? As we start to expand our opportunities in the project ERP space, I hope that the attention and focus around EPM grows.


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