That ’empty nest’ feeling again

Nearly a year ago I wrote what it felt like when my son left home to spend 6 months in Cape Town with Youth With A Mission at DTS (discipleship training) . Back then I said it was going to constitute his ‘gap year’ before going to university. So much for that idea!

He came back in June and soon announced that he wanted to go back to YWAM – but as a leader. That shook me for several weeks, it did not match ‘my plans’ for him. But I soon learned that he had set his mind on it and would not be swayed.

So after a few months of him being at home, and doing odd jobs to earn money, we said good-bye to him again today. Our church (Rosebank Union) has agreed to provide some financial support, as have various friends from the church, and he was given an official sending at the morning service.

He is going to WYAM with great enthusiasm, and a level of maturity he didn’t have a year ago, and we hope these next six months will give him a clearer idea where he should go with his life.

That’s not to say that my ideas for him have completed changed. I still believe that a university degree is a good thing and would stand him in good stead. But I am beginning to accept what he sees as his direction in life. I also realise that I have to put my trust in the Lord that He will guide and protect my son.


One thought on “That ’empty nest’ feeling again

  1. I finished school in the late 80’s and went to University directly to follow my ‘passion’.

    13 years in the field and I reckon that if I had taken the time to travel or just gain life experience, chances are I would now be in a totally different career path and happier in my career. But those days you didn’t do that, especially if you were from a poor family.

    My kids will be leaving school in 5 years time and I won’t be sending them to tertiary studies. They will travel and work and they will pay their own way while doing so.

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