Going to gym during the day is good for you

From the BBC news site – Work gyms ‘lift mood and stress’. An experiment by Bristol University has confirmed what some of us have known for a while – “Employees who can exercise at work are more productive, happy, efficient and calm.”

As someone who likes to get to the gym, I am glad to see this. But the study highlighted other things I know:

However, their work … did find employees struggled to fit exercise around their work and felt guilty about being away from their desks … They also felt they might be criticised by colleagues for taking time out from their desk jobs.

A few years ago I was getting to the gym three times a week, and sometimes more. Now my goal is twice a week, and I am usually glad that I actually make one visit. My workday is now so busy that I might plan some time around lunch to get to a nearby gym, but when it comes to the time there are deadlines and deliverables to attend to.

I have learnt that sometimes it really does help to take that break. As the study points out – “If people try to fit an active break into their working day, they might also experience the added bonus of their whole day feeling much more productive. And that always feels good in our busy lives. The study also begs the question whether employers can afford not to be encouraging active breaks.”

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