What’s all this about SOA?

There have been a couple of interesting blogs recently about SOA (Services Oriented Architecture).

Gartner’s Thomas Otter has attempted to explain SOA in terms of coping with coffee damage.

Of interest to me was the article by AMR which discussed SOA as one of SYSPRO’s strengths (subscription required).

While others we still coming to grips with it, SYSPRO recognised the value of SOA early on (in 2002), using Microsoft’s .Net Framework. As a result, our company has been able to deliver some very useful industry-specific and customised functionality to a number of our manufacturing customers through SYSPRO’s e.Net architecture.

What I have seen in terms of SYSPRO’s growth and their customers’ use is echoed by AMR:

A major driver of this success in recent years has been the vendor’s ability to deliver service-oriented
architecture (SOA) to the midmarket … the references AMR Research spoke with indicated their organizations have been able to grow with, not into or around, the SYSPRO products.

I am running with four projects at the moment involving either integration to other enterprise software, or custom development, that are easily deliverable because of SYSPRO’s SOA capabilities. 


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