How are the mighty fallen

About 10 years ago I joined an ERP company called JD Edwards. 5 years ago the company was acquired by Peoplesoft. 4 years ago Oracle acquired Peoplesoft. Now I see a message thread on IT Toolbox about JDE with a comment on how the company has shrunk – “…  went from occupying four office buildings to half of one in Denver.”


2 thoughts on “How are the mighty fallen

  1. Somebody heard somebody else saying about something he was told by the friend of the cousin of the sister of his grand-father’s niece about J.D. Edwards…

    Yeah sure, this kind of information is very reliable…

    If that’s the way you do business, it must be quite difficult for you to get some success…

    For your information, all non-productive people (HR, administrative, marketing, etc.) people have been fired by Oracle, which kept the whole development team

    JD Edwards has never been stronger, there is a high demand of skilled JD Edwards consultants, new contracts are signed every day


  2. I’m sure JDE is getting new business, but from occupying that whole office block to just part of one building looks like the business has shrunk.
    As for those ‘non-productive people’, they did the work to keep the business running that developers can’t do.

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