Time for thinking

About a month ago I blogged about how I discovered the need for contemplative time. Where I am this weekend is very close to where I was a month ago, now at a different camp, but re-discovering the value of time to think.

After a busy week, I used to believe that the weekend was when I had time to relax. However, being at this camp made me realise that on many weekends I am still busy, although in a different way.

It has given me an understanding of those people who like to get away to the bush, for example, on a frequent basis because it helps them refresh and re-energise.

It has occcurred to me here that I find blogging to be stimulating and creative, and I hope informative, whereas using Twitter – which I do during the week – could almost be called shouting and noisy. During the week, Twitter is about all the time I can afford, and provides me with social network connections. The problem is that on many weekends I don’t have the quality time to blog, which gives me a deeper sense of making a contribution.

I am coming around to the idea that every so often I should try to get away and disconnect from the rush of life. How, when and where I haven’t yet figured out.


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