Time for blogging

I am continually amazed at the volume and quality of the blogs that come from some of my favourite bloggers (e.g., Dennis, Mike, Vinnie). But in the past few days I have realised what it takes for me to blog in the way that I would like.

Firstly, I read the other Dennis’s blog about inspiration time and perspiration time, and how it is so easy (and often, necessary) for us to follow the perspiration path which emphasises job output – instead of inspiration which is the contemplation side.

The realisation has come this weekend as I have been attending an Alpha course in the rural Magaliesberg hills north of Johannesburg. Here I have had time to contemplate – about my religion – and with that time I have also found the mental space to write.

It’s the first time in months that I have had such time, and I really appreciate it. Work has become increasingly hectic this year as more and more projects seem to have come along. I am truly grateful for the work that has come my way as a result of being at this company. But I reckon there must be some people like me who would occasionally like a short space of quieter time to get some thinking done.


4 thoughts on “Time for blogging

  1. Make no mistake about it. Blogging (if you want to be serious about it) is hard work. There are some days that I write out of inspiration. There are many more when writing the daily post is a matter of perspiration. I’ve had to come to grips with some trade-offs that allow me the time/space to be able to write regularly. It isn’t easy, and definitely comes at a cost… Apart from reading the 5 Dysfunctions, my entertainment reading time has declined significantly as I now write in the hours I used to read.

    “the other” Dennis

  2. Thanks for adding my blog to your list. As “the other Dennis” said, it’s really hard work and takes time.

    However, more important is your comment about mental space. For me, the key to blogging is creating sufficient mental space, on an ongoing basis, regardless of what else is happening.

  3. Nice blog, wish I knew about it earlier. I find that the more time I spend on the spiritual side the more I accomplish on the practical side so I hope the Alpha course is the start of great things for you!

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