On blogger’s block and managing projects

Writer’s block is a well-known issue for authors – an inability to write resulting in feelings of frustration, which seems to create a vicious cycle making it even harder to start writing.

I think I have been experiencing a blogger’s version of that? Is it also writer’s block, or should we create a sub-category for boggers?

I have been through a phase of nearly two months where I just didn’t have any interest in updating my blog. Partly I think it was due to a very intense project workload, but also I was also stressed waiting for my first performance review since I joined my company last year.

The stress is partly over as the performance review has been done and I did OK, but I am now waiting for a follow-up as my role is being changed to a more business development position.

I was criticised during my performance review for some actions I didn’t take as a project manager on a large project, and on another project I went ahead with an implementation that could have had a high risk for the company. The latter project I did get in on time, and its under budget, and no longer a risk, but the comment was I should have raised the flag early.

The experience has taught me some useful lessons, but it lowers my project management profile in the company, and I really want to grow my PM skills for my CV (that’s resumé for Americans).

I think I will have to be content with getting smaller projects, and in the meantime improve my SYSPRO knowledge so that I can be more valuable when discussing issues with clients.


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