Tenacious SYSPRO

Yesterday I attended a presentation by SYSPRO to its resellers in Johannesburg. One of the sessions featured Kay Nash of Yellowwood, a company described as a ” leading specialist marketing and brand strategy organisation”. Looking at their client list, they must have some special talent.

Kay has been working with SYSPRO for some years, and her talk covered the work she has done to develop and position SYSPRO’s brand. The key word she used to describe that brand is “tenacious”.

As she said, the ERP world is fiercely competitive, and dominated by really big international players (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), but SYSPRO has managed to not only survive for 30 years but also thrive, in South Africa, as well as US, Canada, UK, and other places. She is obviously pretty impressed with what SYSPRO has done.

In my opinion, the tenaciousness of SYSPRO shows a particular South Africa trait to push through. From the early settlers of the Cape, to the Boers trekking north, to the diamond mining in Kimberley and the gold mining on the Rand, South Africans just had to get on with things because we were so far away from anyone, and could not rely on someone else to quickly come and help.

SYSPRO’s strength is in the small-medium business (SMB) space, and its ability to deliver value to business managers and owners led Yellowwood to come up with a tag line for SYSPRO –
“simplifying your success”.

For me it’s a pity that the major analyst groups are US or European, and don’t seem to have grasped the significance of a major ERP player “down in Africa”.


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