What is Microsoft’s commitment to Dynamics?

Josh Greenbaum commented on how the Microsoft Dynamics division was doing – Microsoft Dynamics Revenues: Is More Really Less?

There has been a lot of management change in the Dynamics organisation, and we have seen that recently in SA with partner account managers leaving.

My director friend at SYSPRO said four years ago that Microsoft would not understand the ERP business, and would eventually leave it. From what Josh says, if Dynamics’ growth doesn’t improve that prediction might come true.


2 thoughts on “What is Microsoft’s commitment to Dynamics?

  1. Greenbuam is just trying to push Microsoft into sharing more details about the Dynamics business than it wants to. Dynamics is well past the $1 billion mark (nearing $1.3 billon by my math) and growing faster than most competitors. I would not put much stock in his analysis on this one.

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