Shortest ever ERP deal closed

I have just been involved in the shortest ever ERP deal closure in my +10 years of working in the enterprise software industry.

An engineering company came to us for help in managing construction inventory between South Africa and a big project in the DRC.

They came to see us last Tuesday, we sent them the project proposal last Friday, and today – 6 days later – they have told us they have accepted our proposal!

It’s a smallish SYSPRO licence, so the ratio of implementation cost to software cost is +3 to 1. The company had looked at SAP (and JDE, I think) but were put off by the initial costs and the change management those solutions would have required.

I am speculating a bit here, but I think the reasons for the speedy decision were:

– their project is big, and so are the budgets
– there is a time-critical factor
– they are a medium-size company so not a lot of IT skills and experience
– we were able show them from our experience how we could make their operations work with the minimum of fuss
– we did a damn good sales job!


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