A different Microsoft perspective

The news from Microsoft corporate this last week has been the quarterly results, which have been very good.

That is, of course, at the global scale. In South Africa we heard this last week that Microsoft SA’s mid-year review had been terrible.

The mid-year review is when the company’s divisions and subsidiaries present their results to senior management; the SA people travel to either Europe or Redmond for that session.

I heard from an insider that the message came down from Redmond that the SA company results meant some people should be fired. Oracle has had a reputation for a while of being hard as far as results are concerned, so when I hear stories like that it makes me wonder if Microsoft and Oracle are all that different.

Once again, I also wonder at a senior management clique of an international company who are unable to recognise and differentiate between countries – it seems as far as they are concerned everyone should perform in the same way.


2 thoughts on “A different Microsoft perspective

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  2. It may also have be a situation where the region grew but not hit some arbitrary revenue target. You know how revenue goals often get set in a large company. Ignore external economic, regulatory, competitive, political, etc issues and instead just take last year’s result and multiply it by some arbitrary growth percentage.

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