Mis-led analyst

I recently spoke with a woman who works as a research analyst for a large local IT firm with international operations. During our conversation I mentioned a large JD Edwards customer I know who has decided that JDE is not going anywhere and will be moving to SAP in the next few years. She commented that the company should consider instead Microsoft Dynamics AX.

When I asked her why that comment, she said it would be easier than SAP. So I proceeded to inform her that SAP had thousands of customer references whereas AX had (maybe) scores, that while SAP skills weren’t plentiful there were more of them than AX skills, and that AX wasn’t necessarily easy.

This led me to wonder how this analyst had been mis-led. She is not a technical person and hasn’t touched an ERP system in ten years, so somewhere she heard a ‘spiel’ and was led to believe it. Without an understanding of the technical issues of how ERP systems are customised, she had no experience on which to evaluate the ‘spiel’.

How many companies are mis-led by unaware analysts who don’t have the necessary background to evaluate the software they are supposed to be reviewing?


2 thoughts on “Mis-led analyst

  1. Very valid point on the analysts not always being the experts they are held up to be, but surely you are not suggesting that SAP and AX are on par when it comes to complexity…

  2. No, but are there not issues of complexity in the AX development environment which require a high level of C++ experience?
    I thought the analyst had an overly simplistic perspective on implementing ERP.

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