One of our chicks is leaving the nest

Tomorrow my son leaves home. He has just completed his high school and is doing what many young South Africans do, taking a gap year, before deciding what to do for university or work.

He is going to Cape Town for several months to train and work for Youth with a Mission, known as YWAM. There have been children in our home for over 21 years, and this marks the first time that my wife and I will be seeing one of our chicks leaving home for an extended period.

I am beginning to understand now what the ’empty nest’ feeling must be about.

By the way, it’s because of our youth taking a gap year that many of the bars in London are staffed by young South Africans.


2 thoughts on “One of our chicks is leaving the nest

  1. Congratulations Simon! My wife did YWAM in 2000 and went to India as part of her outreach. I reckon taking a gap year is one of the best things a kid can do after matric. (I did medicine straight out of high school simply because I got in… I gave up after 3 years and THEN took my gap year before starting engineering with a little bit more maturity and ambition)

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