XP vs Vista

I recently bought a Toshiba laptop computer as a 21st birthday present for my elder daughter. Beforehand, my wife and I decided that my daughter would need a machine that had horse power as she is doing engineering at university, but price was also a factor. In the end I found a Toshiba Satellite Pro which had a duo-core processor and 1 Gb memory. By default that configuration came with Windows Vista, but if I had selected a different (older, lower, smaller) configuration, it would have had XP.

Now some weeks later my daughter is complaining that Vista is a pain to use and doesn’t work as easily as XP, which she is used to elsewhere. She would like to have XP installed on the machine instead … or Linux. Unfortunately, the technical guy at work says it would too much of a hassle; its not just XP but all the associated drivers that need to be found, and loaded.

By coincidence I saw Ed Bott’s article about how XP and Vista are doing in the market. Apparently SMBs (small-medium businesses) prefer XP, consumers prefer Vista. I am not sure whether consumers prefer Vista, or whether they don’t have much of a choice (as in our case). Businesses on the other hand can often do with the older/lower/smaller configuration – cost is also lower – so it doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise that XP rules there.

What is Microsoft’s main revenue source for Windows – business or consumer? I would say business, and probably the bigger companies.
What are their plans for Vista roll-out? From what I read, those plans are not going to happen very soon.
How will that impact on Microsoft’s revenue in the quarters to come? We wait to see.


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