Any 100% proof anti-virus programs?

A rather nasty trojan virus has infected our PC at home; it periodically pops up a browser window to buy an anti-virus program. It probably got installed when one of my children loaded one of their downloaded games or music. The virus is not unknown, I googled the name and got a number of hits – for Smitfraud. My problem is that while I have an up-to-date Trend Micro Pc-cillin running on the PC, it cannot seem to detect the virus or remove it.

I downloaded Spybot Search-and-Destroy, which I had used before, but while it detects the virus, it cannot seem to permanently remove the virus. I also tried Windows Defender but quite frankly I found it to be a useless package.

I downloaded the anti-virus package from PC Tools yesterday, but it runs incredibly slowly so I have scrapped that idea.

My last options seem to be McAfee or Symantec/Norton. But it would be nice to know first if either has a strong guarantee of solving my problem.


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