Dynamics marketing knocks SAP

Microsoft Dynamics Partnersource site (restricted access) has an interesting competitive marketing piece:

Microsoft Dynamics vs SAP ERP End-User Business Productivity Study

In a field study conducted by Keystone Strategy, working under the direction of Dr. Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, we measured how end users of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications describe the impact of Microsoft and SAP applications on their business productivity. This research found that Microsoft Dynamics end users on average rated their experience with Microsoft applications more favorably than SAP users rated their experience with SAP.

I have a copy fo the white paper on it. The questions were in the following categories:

-Business insight
-Transactional efficiency

 Sample questions and comments were:

-It takes too long to learn how to work with this software
-This software is very awkward to use
-I sometimes don’t know what to do next with this software
-There is too much to read before you can use the software
-This software is awkward when I want to do something which is not standard
-There are too many steps required to get something to work
-It is easy to share my comments and provide feedback on the work of others in <SAP> <Microsoft> software.
-My company is able to change how we use the software as our business changes
-<SAP> <Microsoft> software enables me to create comprehensive forecasts for my department
-It is easy for me to submit work to my supervisor for review or approval
-<Microsoft> <SAP> software makes it easy to manage problems and exceptions that arise in my day to day work
-I can easily gain visibility into sales, operational, and financial data across divisions and locations in <Microsoft> <SAP> software

The white paper has three major findings:

  1. The importance of user productivity should be significantly elevated in software purchase decisions
  2. High user productivity is driven by more than an appealing user interface and must be evaluated on multiple dimensions.
  3. Applications differ in their ability to make features available, usable, intuitive, and valuable to end users and high marks in these areas positively impact user productivity

Didn’t Oracle do something similar against SAP?


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