Zim – tsunami, meltdown

These are the words being used to describe the situation in Zimbabwe – a tsunami of illegal immigrants (Saturday Star), inside the meltdown (Sunday Independent).

It seems that the province most affected is Limpopo, the most northern one and bordering with Zimbabwe. According to reports, it is estimated that between 3000 and 4000 people a day are crossing over the border illegally – or 100,000 a month. That must be having a significant impact on the local economy, and causing a lot of work for social services, police and immigration.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s the government of this country ignored the threat of HIV/AIDS, and as a result SA now has one of the highest AIDS infection levels in the world. It concerns me that the government today is ignoring the Zim situation, and we may only know the price of that in a few years time.

The terrible thing about the current Zim situation is the helplessness that people here are feeling. Individuals feel powerless to do anything when Bob Mugabe is so obviously a complete megalomaniac, and Thabo Mbeki doesn’t seem to be doing anything to change or help things.

In our churches, the best thing we can do is pray.


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