IT marketing changes

An interesting item in a MarketingSherpa report on B2B (business to business) marketing is that companies consider that they find the vendors, not the vendors find them. The authors comment that for marketing this means changes.

“Instead of doing one big campaign of the year, I would break that budget up into 12 months and do a systemic, cross-media, low-volume campaign that goes on all year; a year-long presence in every possible media that those prospects are looking for you in”

The vast majority of companies start looking via a search on Google, which means that search engine marketing and optimisation should be a priority – “if you’re just depending on someone in the Web department who thought he’d do it on the side as a favor to the marketing department, you’re not spending enough.”

There’s also an interesting finding about how web site layouts should be done as people “find it easier to find what they were looking for when it was fewer columns and there were navigational items well above the fold and their view wasn’t blocked with this big ad in the middle.”


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