State of the nation

There has been a lot of press coverage about the latest crime figures released, and whether they are terrible or just bad. But my attitude is to look at the state of the nation as a whole.

According to the government-published development indicators, there is good and disappointing news. For example:

  • good – GDP indicators, capital investment, budget deficit, government debt, interest rates, inflation, exports, R&D spend, employment, per capita income, housing, potable water, land restitution and redistribution, immunisation, matriculation and graduation results, confidence and pride, tourism, tax revenue.
  • bad – foreign direct investment, unemployment, inequality and poverty, life expectancy, maternal deaths, HIV and TB prevalence, Transparency International ranking.

You could argue that this indicates things are getting better, but probably too gradually and not in all the right areas.

The latest crime stats are available at: 

The big story is that while crimes like common assault and robbery are down, aggravated robbery, robbery at home, car hijacking and murder are up.

The crime information is available by station, and for our station – Linden in Johannesburg – I see the stats are fairly stable or decreasing, but robbery has increased.


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