Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chev***

Firstly, for non-South African readers, that first word is pronounced like ‘bry flace’, it’s Afrikaans and literally means cooked meat, but is generally shortened to ‘braai’ and means a barbecue.

The title line became famous in SA in the late 1970s as a TV ad for a car company (guess which!). The ad’s message wanted to capture the things that South Africans love about their country. The reason why I remembered it was because this weekend I realised why I still live here. Despite all the bad news that gets reported from here, there are many wonderful things that you won’t find in any other country, and because I live in Johannesburg I believe this is the best place in the world to live.

It started on Saturday watching my son’s school play rugby against their great rivals. Not only was the atmosphere wonderful but the weather was fabulous. There we were in the middle of winter, sunny with clear blue skies, a comfortable temperature of around 19 degrees C (66 deg F), enjoying watching the game and enjoying the war cries from each school. It occurred to me that we were having a better winter’s day than some Europeans were having summer.

The next day, Sunday, we had a braai at home, a nice way of celebrating Father’s Day, and I received a great present from my family – a DVD of my favourite classic rock band – Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

I feel, therefore, as a result of this weekend, that I have a lot to be grateful for, and I thank God Almighty for his blessings on my life.


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