An ERP idea too late

When I was the marketing manager at JD Edwards South Africa in 2001, I got indications from the local market that the company was missing out on a market segment that wanted a decent integrated system but did not have the cash or the IT sophistication to buy and implement such as complex system as JDE’s OneWorld.

I never had the courage or corporate contacts in those days to push my idea, and had completely forgotten about it until recently when I found a mindmap I did on it. With the benefit of six years hindsight I can see now that I was proposing an SMB version when that market segment wasn’t even a glimmer in the minds of ERP executives.

A great thing nowadays about the blogosphere, is that I can publish my ideas. By the way, I named the project ‘Crescendo’ because I thought it was something that could grow and get bigger.

Crescendo plan mindmap


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