Looking for SYSPRO skills

The company I work for is growing. In fact, we are getting so much manufacturing ERP business we need more people, especially those with manufacturing consulting experience or SYSPRO skills. If you are in South Africa, have SYSPRO experience or are a small SYSPRO consultancy looking to join up with one of the majors, please contact me via this blog.


4 thoughts on “Looking for SYSPRO skills

  1. I work in IT for a small manufacturing company, am a Syspro administator here and know the product well (the modules we use, that is). I might be interested, depending where you are.

  2. Hi Retha,
    The main office is in Kyalami, and we have other offices in Cape Town and Durban. But as we tend to work on-site we have people who live all over the place; in Gauteng, from Pretoria to Vereeniging. About once a month we meet in the Kyalami office for team updates.
    Simon G.

  3. I am a financial manager and have a few years of experience of Syspro. I am interested as far as the above is concerned.

  4. Dear Reader,

    I am a systems / manager for an international group based in Durban.

    I have great experience in Syspro (change management, setup and integration). I have been involved in Syspro implementation and integration with Barco Production monitoring Systems which involves the communication of live time production data which feeds into Syspro.

    From thereon, crystal and Syspro report writer can extract real time data.

    Please feel free to cotact me and I will share further info with you.

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