Like it was in …

IT organisation and companies are stressing due to a lack of technical staff. It reminds me of the late 1980s when, working at a bank, they started to break IT staff salaries away from the standard bank salaries because it was getting harder to hire and keep staff. Bruce Richardson referring to SAP consultant shortages says its like 1994. For me 1994 was my change from a buyer/customer environment to a supplier/vendor. The early 1990s was when the IT vendors started coming after technical people at customer sites – in my case it was experience in data warehousing and executive information systems that got me hired away. It was the start of the long party for IT that lasted until 2002/3. I wonder how the current situation is going to play out?

1994 was also the first democratic election in SA; with the famous pictures of queues stretching for miles as we waited to vote. We celebrate the election date on 27 April, we also celebrate Workers Day on 1 May, so this year we have just had an effective 5 day extended long weekend.


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