Microsoft Dynamics SA changes again

I noticed a press release that quotes Tracey Newman as the new group business manager for Microsoft Dynamics in SA. This is the third or fourth management change for Dynamics in SA in the last 2 years. (I knew Tracey when she was at Front Range 4 years ago; she was at MWeb for a while last year).

As I have mentioned in other posts, Dynamics has been through some major management changes at the corporate level – Satya Nadella moved, and recently so did Orlando Ayala. It makes me wonder what is happening to Dynamics when management changes so much. From down here at the tip of Africa, it seems that they struggle to find the right people or move the good ones elsewhere. Which ever option, it doesn’t make sense to me.

Can anyone comment on the Dynamics management in other countries? In SA they have never had anyone with a background or track record in enterprise software.

I wouldn’t mind getting the chance to run Dynamics (in SA that is). I reckon the Microsoft mindset hasn’t grasped the essence of enterprise software and I would love to try and shake the attitudes up a bit, and show them how things should be done. But then again, if I went into the interview at Microsoft (something I have done once before) with that approach, they probably wouldn’t hire me.


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