More on ‘the win’

Updating the information of the win I blogged previously:

– our competitors included Oracle, Sage, Accenture, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as the ones I mentioned before, Dynamics AX and AccPac.
– the customer commented “users of the system will not be a well educated type of user and that the simpler the product is to use the better it will be utilised within the group.” How many ERP vendors factor that into their product? Remember (vendors) in developing countries it can be a significant factor.

As for pricing, which Dennis commented about, I will not be too specific (for obvious reasons):
– The SYSPRO software pricing was in the $100k region (depending on the US-SA currency exchange rate); the add-on software price was relatively small
– The services pricing was greater than the software licence price, but not hugely.


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