Marketing above the din

The old marketing voice inside me couldn’t help reflecting on Seth Godin’s blog regarding an experiment that was reported in the Washington Post;  famous violinist Joshua Bell played in a subway station and no one listened.

Godin comments that if you consider “music in the subway isn’t worth your time, you’re not going to notice when the music is better than usual … we’re so overwhelmed by the din of our lives that we’ve created a worldview that requires us to ignore the outside world.”

Enterprise software marketers have the same problem. How to break through the ‘din of messages’ that their target audience gets every day. Any ideas?


One thought on “Marketing above the din

  1. I think the best way to differentiate is to focus on remarkability, approachability, relevance, attentiveness and customer centricity.

    Fix these issues, and ‘messaging’ becomes irrelevent anyway, to a certain extent.

    Chris @

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